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All interior surfaces cleaned, vacuumed and prepared, including; inside windows, roof lining and all vinyl/plastic surfaces. Carpets and upholstery spot treated and scrubbed. Leather surfaces are carefully cleaned and conditioned using Lexol leather products. No oily residues are left on the vinyl/plastic. We believe dashboards should be left with a matte finish, as that's how they were delivered from the factory.

At Bellagio Car Wash, we provide our clients with a complete detailing service . Whereas the typical auto detailing shop rushes through the interior, the auto detailers at Bellagio Car wash ensures that every inch of an interior has been cleaned and protected. It is essential to make sure every corner, vent, and gap has been given a thorough cleaning to ensure no traces of dirt or dust remains behind.

Interior surfaces can be more sensitive to damage than exterior surfaces. With this in mind it is essential to choose the highest quality products to clean and treat interior surfaces. Bellagio Car Wash offers interior detailing packages that will NOT leave your interior looking greasy, slick, and smelling like bubble gum. In fact, those greasy interior products usually contain silicone, which is known to fade and crack interior panels. Instead, our detailing packages for your interior are designed to restore the natural appearance of these surfaces and to protect the interior from UV and heat damage.


Most vehicle headlights are covered with a protective, transparent, plastic lens. These headlight lenses protect expensive automotive lamps from flying stones and road debris but they discolor over time. Becoming opaque and cloudy, this can severely restrict the amount of light reaching the road. This clouding is caused by accumulated exposure to ultraviolet light. Here in Southern California this discoloration can become noticeable in as little as 2 years. Until recently, the only solution to this problem required replacing the auto headlight lens assemblies at a cost of $600.00 or more! ld and mildew, pollen, odors, or other airborne bacteria, one of those atoms combines with the pollutants rendering them inactive by oxidation, leaving behind pure clean oxygen, 02.


Our complete detail is a very comprehensive complete interior and exterior detail offered, to those who want a showroom condition detail.. This detail includes our Exterior Polish, which removes prior vehicle paint ailments such as medium to heavy scratches, all noticeable swirl marks, micro-marring, holograms, sap and bird etchings and hard-water spotting. Wheels are cleaned and then treated to prevent any further corrosion or etching caused by brake pad dusting or road grime. This detail also includes Interior Detailing. Nothing is spared in the interior. All leather surfaces receive a Lexol Treatment. Carpets get a full vacuum including trunk or bonnet before being steam cleaned with our hot water extraction system. All vinyl surfaces are treated for protection against UV damage and remain a factory-like matte look and feel. All windows are cleaned and edges treated to avoid that line other places forget. Topped off with out signature Hand Buffed Carnauba Wax to create a perfect level of protection and shine! We recommend this service as the ultimate detail and is all-inclusive to ensure your vehicle is treated the best way possible.


Carnauba car wax is the hardest natural wax known to man. Carnauba wax provides a deep rich look on the car's paint which is hard to imitate with synthetic waxes. Plus, it is extremely durable which gives the paint a long lasting protection. It's produced by a palm tree in Brazil to coat its leaves and shield them from the intense tropical sun. It sheds water and its clear. The wax is harvested every year and graded according to its color, where it was grown, and its purity. The highest grade wax is put into your car wax.


Recommended as a semi-annual treatment, this treatment was designed for the daily driver seeking to restore the paint who demands the most from their car's finish. Using the product lines of Meguiar's, Auto Magic and 3M to remove unsightly swirl marks, micro-marring, light etching, holograms and scratches. The end result is a deeper finish with fewer scratches and an extremely brilliant, and glossy finish that, with our sealant, will last for 6-8 months depending on vehicle storage, maintenance, weather, and mileage.


Using Clay Magic® clay bar to remove paint contamination.

What is paint contamination?

Paint contamination consists of tiny metal shavings from rail dust, brake dust and industrial fallout. This contamination affects all paint finishes and can cause serious damage when left untreated. Paint contamination can be felt as a "rough or gritty" texture on the paint's surface and can lead to tiny rust spots. This contamination cannot be removed by washing, waxing and/or polishing.

Where does contamination come from?

There are three major causes of paint contamination:

1. Rail dust - produced from the friction of train wheels against railroad tracks. Over 70% of new vehicles are shipped by rail. Rail dust can contaminate a new car's finish before it even reaches the dealership. Anytime a vehicle is parked or travels near a railroad it is subject to rail dust contamination.

2. Brake dust - particles produced from the friction of brake pads rubbing against the rotor. This metal on metal friction disperses tiny particles of bare metal into the air and on the highway where it collects on passing vehicles.

3. Industrial fallout - another word for pollution, industrial fallout is a byproduct of our modern industrial age.

Prevention and removal:

Some automotive manufacturers now cover vehicles with plastic coverings during rail transportation. Unfortunately, this plastic only covers 40% to 60% of the vehicle and many vehicles are still transported with no covers.

There is no wax, natural or synthetic, or any chemical treatment that can prevent or protect against this contamination. Compounding with an abrasive polish may remove this contamination but it can only be performed a few times before removing too much of the top, clear coat finish.

The final solution, Clay Magic®, was developed in Japan in the early 1990's. This detailing clay safely removes rail dust and industrial fallout by "pulling" it off the surface. It does not "cut" or perform any abrasive action normally associated with polishing or compounding.

When clay bars were brought to the United States, several other usages were found for them. Clay bars were found to be effective for removing over-spray, tree sap, acid rain & water spots and a variety of other surface contaminants.

Today, Clay MagicĀ® is routinely used by OEM's, professional detailers, vehicle auctions, and body shops as a simple, safe way to remove over-spray and surface contaminants from painted surfaces, chrome and glass.


Many car owner only worry about the exterior of their vehicles but having a clean interior is just as important. It is almost inevitable not to have stained or foul smelling carpet and upholstery from regular daily use. On a regular basis we expose our cars to dirt, dust, pollen and an unpredictable spill here and there. Not cleaning the carpets,mats and upholstery on your vehicle will cause your cars interior damage and your car will also lose reselling value. We will use the very best equipment and shampooing process to give your car clean and fresh smelling carpets and upholstery.


If your pet rides along with you in your car and it is almost certain that your seats are covered with his hair. Hair from a beloved pet can be very frustrating and also very hard to remove. We have special services to help you remove all those unwanted hairs on the seats, carpets and interior of your vehicle.


We can help you restore the former appearance of your Engine. Engine Detailing is simply cleaning the exterior of the engine and engine compartments. By removing the excess dirt and junk that has built up throughout the years we can help leave your engine look new like it once did before.

Are you selling your Car?

If you are planning to sell your vehicle, we highly recommend to invest in a full detail.

Market research shows that a clean spotless car with no scratches and swirls is valued with at least $1000 more then a car that did not get the attention needed.

Most of us when we buy a car, we look more at the body and the interior. If that looks poor we can't even imagine what the true potential of that car. By fully detailing your car before selling it, you can easily increase the value from a "Fair" condition to an "Excellent" witch can convert in a $1000 or more on your selling price.

Do the math, you can invest between $100 to $300 in one of our auto detailing packages and increase your car value by $1500 or more. Pure business. So don't wait anymore, book an appointment with us and let Bellagio Car Wash Auto Detailing Department professionals reveal your car true value and beauty.

Who knows, maybe you will not even sell it anymore after we do a makeover on your car.

Are you selling your Car?

A must before trading in your vehicle!

We all know that a Car Dealership will value your car based on how your car looks, since most of the buyers buy cars mostly based on the looks.

So its no brainier that you can easily increase your car value from a "Fair" condition to an "Excellent" condition witch can convert in up to $3000. As a smart owner, we know you will do a smart investment in a full detail witch will convert into a lot of savings when trading in your car.

We used Kelly Blue Book to compare trade-in value on an average car and to show you how much can a smart investment in one of our detailing packages can save you when getting a new car from a dealer.